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Sunday evenings are sad evenings! That means the weekends is over and tomorrow is another Monday. But good news are that there is a week of adventures ahead 🙂 I have been a perfect housewife today – cleaned, cooked etc. And now when my little prince is asleep I can enjoy the silence & do some researches for my course. Thanks to my friend who showed me this awesome  musician – Yann Tiersen. I couldn’t stop listening to his La Valse d’Amelie piano melody and this music reminds me a the nature of Iceland. Don’t know why… But I know for sure that next time I’d go home and would travel around my beautiful country, I’d definitely grab Yann’s CD with me 🙂

Here are some picture from my last visit in Iceland 🙂












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24 thoughts on “Iceland

  1. Love the 2´nd photo with long exposure:) Iceland is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful pictures, I have not been to Iceland but it is now on my list of places to go 🙂

  3. Beautiful 🙂

  4. Stunning photos, the one with the waterfall left me with open mouth !

  5. Great pictures and music 🙂

  6. Your photography makes me wish I was actually there!

  7. Wow! This summer i’m going to Iceland as well. Really looking forward to it! 🙂

  8. Anonyma on said:

    Great photos.

  9. The ice on the stairs is incredible – what a fantastic subject! Iceland is on my wish list – I just need to convince hubbie!

  10. Gorgeous photos!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by by blog 🙂

  11. Love the frozen rocks. Inspired!

  12. What great photos! Thanks for visiting my site.

  13. I couple of gorgeous sunsets there. Splendid shots.

  14. asuka11 on said:

    Yann Tiersen, indeed, a great musician who expresses deep emotions through his art. Live, dance, run, admire, break free.

  15. creativespin on said:

    I’m dreaming of going to Iceland for a real visit (rather than a stopover). It looks so beautiful! Though I do wonder what it would be like to be a vegan there. Iceland is not exactly vegetable country….

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