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15 thoughts on “Iceland

  1. edgarchamorro on said:

    very nice. I like the lines intersecting, human and nature…

  2. Thank you for visiting my website today, your bio is very interesting. Lucky you to have traveled so much. Be well!

  3. leo brady on said:

    Lovely image!

  4. It almost looks like you could walk on the water. Thanks for the like of 3 of my most recent posts.

  5. I Ksemia, we spent 2 weeks in Iceland last June…these places left me speechless! Great pictures your ones!

  6. very pretty, I like how you used the posts to make the lighthouse the focal point

  7. I have seen many pictures of that light house (and made a couple myself) but none as good as this. Great work!

  8. Love this photograph. Such a quiet, almost sombre scene that because of its perspective really grabs hold of your attention making one stop and think for a time. PS-thanks for looking at my picture today.

  9. williamricci on said:

    Dear, sweet Iceland, how I miss you. Great photo.

  10. I love this photograph. It’s very open and I enjoy the composition, even that it is black and white (greys too).

  11. I so miss Iceland great place
    and great photo awesome work

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