Breathtaking Memories


I’m in love with Instagram.. somehow I think it trains my eye for beautiful shots.. and because my phone is always with me and I’m able to capture everything everywhere I go..



8 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. Pamela Hodgdon on said:

    My daughter loves Instagram. She has some lovely photos that she sends me.

  2. What’s your @ on instagram please?

  3. I’ve never used Instagram, but then I’m old. It is an Interesting capture. I carry a little point in shoot with me at all times, just in case.. Thanks for the like of my post “Taking Charge”.

  4. Good point about training your eye and always having a photo opportunity at the ready. We’re new to social media and really smart phones. As a result the combination of a new iPhone 5 and Instagram has proven addictive. We’re @doublewhirler and having fun!

  5. What’s your instagram handle?

  6. I am also in love with instagram, but, unfortunately due to my exams I am not being able to update it. So now days I am using wordpress to express myself with my photos.

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