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Typology: The study of types, and a photographic typology is a suite of images or related forms, shot in a consistent, repetitive manner.

I can say I’m little bit addicted to coffee, specially Starbucks – I love to get my take away cup of my favourite Latte every morning and then enjoy my drink on the way to college or where ever I go. Here in London I see a lot of people walking around with their drinks, just everywhere: in my neighbourhood, in the centre, in the parks and so on. People are walking around, seeping their drinks, thinking their thoughts.. warming their heart’s. So when I got to do a typology project for the college I decided to take pictures of people hand holding their coffee cups an I called my typology project “Warm your heart”! It happened to be about Starbucks customers, as I almost always drink Starbucks coffee.StarbucksTypollogyWEB I loved how it turned out… maybe at first sight you wouldn’t think there is something special about it, but if you look closer you can see that the ways people hold their cups are so different, people’s hands can say so much about their personality, character… it’s amazing!

Now I’m pretty sure it’s not my last “street photography” project.




2 thoughts on “Typology

  1. This is a great idea and I love the way you have illustrated it-

  2. This is a cool idea for a photo project. Fun!

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